About Us

My love affair with making handcrafted body products started in 2011 when, after many months of research, I started making homemade lip balms, body butter and body scrubs for my children's teachers, family and friends.

After being asked countless times if I made soap, I decided it was time to learn.  So, in 2014, I began taking the first of many soap making classes. It was like the Soap Cupid shot me with an arrow- I fell in love with the process immediately!


Initially, I was only going to make soap for my family, but as more and more family and friends (and their family & friends) started asking for my soap, Millie Zayn Soap Company was born.     

All our soaps are made in small batches using high quality ingredients and lots of LOVE!


My name is Krista D'Angelo and I'm the founder of Millie Zayn Soap Company, a small family owned business located in Los Angeles, CA.                         

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